Shelf Life Study: Understanding the Basics

‘Food safety and quality’ awareness is increasing with consumers. As a conscious buyer nobody would like to buy a food product that has passed its ‘Best Before’ date fearing that the product might have become rancid, stale or a food safety hazard. A best before date helps the consumer to select a product with acceptable quality. Declaration of ‘Best Before’ date on all packed food items is a mandatory requirement for all food producers, manufacturers and retailers. Continue reading “Shelf Life Study: Understanding the Basics”

How to Complete a Chain of Custody

A Chain of Custody (CoC) is a document used by our customers to outline their requirements when submitting samples.  This document assists in clarifying the analysis requested by you , our customer, and in some cases is a legal requirement.  We have versions of this document available for download on our website.

I have prepared a short video to describe how to complete this form:

How to Complete a Chain of Custody

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